RS-507 is a high-strength Al-Mg alloy with good heat treatment response for structural parts. High level of mechanical properties is achieved along with the absence of expensive components in chemical composition. The parts or samples do not require solution treatment followed by quenching. Corrosion resistance of the alloy is similar to traditional 5XXX alloys. The alloy is a good substitute of aluminum wrought analogues for various applications.



Elastic modulus E, GPa  XYZ

72 ± 2

UTS (s В), MPa  XY

360 ± 10

UTS (s В), MPa  Z

360 ± 10

TYS (s 0,2), MPa  XYZ

290 ± 10

Elongation (5), % XY

25,0 ± 2,5

Elongation (5), % Z

22,0 ± 3,0

Hardness, HV

85 ± 3

Density, g/ccm


Porosity, vol. %


(*) This data sheet contains approximate values which can’t be used for the design or quality control purposes. Results are obtained after printing with EOS M290 printer and CNC machining and can vary depending on part design or geometry and used 3D printing system. Each user is responsible for determining that the material is safe, lawful and technical suitable for the intended use, laws and regulations. Exports to some countries may require a export permission.

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